Our diversity promise


The diversity of our modern society is the result of ever greater global interconnectedness and is reflected in demographic change. As such it also affects economic activity. We recognize that we can only be successful if we acknowledge and support this – including in the diversity of our team and the people in our professional environment.

The different competencies and talents of our team members open up new opportunities for innovative and creative solutions. The aim of implementing the GRÜTER Diversity Promise is to create a work environment that is free of bias.

We respect all people, regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or world- view, disability, age and sexual preference. Appreciating and promoting diverse potentials im- proves GRÜTER's social and economic position. We promote an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust. This positively affects our reputation and the integrity of our team as well as our professional environment.

Within the framework of this Diversity Promise, GRÜTER commits itself to

1. maintain a corporate culture that is characterized by mutual respect and appreciation of each individual. We want to establish conditions for everyone at GRÜTER to respect, embrace and acknowledge these values. This is actively supported by our partners;

2. acknowledge the diversity within and outside of our company, honor its intrinsic poten- tial and make use of it in a way that brings rewards for our society and our business;

3. ensure that diversity is actively embraced as a matter of course;

4. openly encourage diversity, e.g. within the scope of firm presentations, interviews, pitch situations and HR processes;

5. call upon all members of the GRÜTER team to become actively involved; and lastly

6. regularly verify implementation of the Diversity Promise within the scope of a working group.


Duisburg, June 2022

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