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Our law firm can proudly reflect on a long history going back to the end of the 19th century. Extraordinary people who achieved extraordinary things in extraordinary times.

Eine Menschengruppe geht aus einem Haus

This spirit is still palpable at our company today and has attracted various legal talents who work together with respect and ease.

We greatly value friendly collegiality. We are grateful that we have been able, through continuous moderate growth, to instill the special GRÜTER mindset and team spirit in a modern, challenging and simultaneously relaxed work environment as our common thread. Mutual respect and acceptance of each other's competencies are the key for strong synergies in case work. The fact that we continue to succeed in generational change in long-term consulting mandates – often on both sides – and that this often leads to the strengthening and expansion of the mandate, is something we consider to be confirmation and appreciation of our legal services.

Flexible working and partner models are extremely important to us, which has resulted in former employees returning to Grüter in more than a few cases. We are deeply rooted in the community on the one hand, but are also adaptable and able to modernize on the other hand.

Our working method is characterized by a high degree of personal commitment, professional excellence, seamless teamwork without capricious airs and a healthy assessment of our expertise (and its limits). Thanks to our extensive national and international consulting work, we have developed very well-coordinated working relationships with renowned law firms both domestically and in other countries in recent decades, thereby facilitating smooth integration depending on the respective client's requirements. In doing so, we never lose sight of resolving the tasks our clients entrust us with in a best-possible, practice-oriented and cost-efficient manner.
Complex projects and feedback from our clients reinforce our commitment to continue operating on the market as an independent, medium-size law firm on a stand-alone basis. The associated independence facilitates short decision-making processes and individual solutions both internally as well as in the working relationship and relationship of trust with clients. This concerns, for example, greater flexibility in carving out personal career paths. Our size also enables our partners to work first and foremost in a mandate- and client-focused manner beyond management tasks.

We believe that our responsibility does not end with our professional activities. We have a need to advocate for our society in order to contribute to the long-term foundations of a value-based collective. That’s why we also live the typical GRÜTER spirit when it comes to sustainability and diversity:


Conservation of our natural resources is of central importance in the fight against climate change. We are absolutely convinced that we can promote sustainable development without this being perceived as a limitation or burden. This is why we implemented numerous measures in our firm which aim at a sound stewardship of the available resources and why we regularly award the best ideas of our team in relation to sustainability - sustainability is teamwork.


We believe we can only be successful in business if we acknowledge, support and promote diversity in a modern society. This includes diversity in our team.

The varied competencies and talents of our firm’s team create new opportunities for innovative and  creative solutions. Our diversity promise aims to create a work environment free of bias.

We respect all people, regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or worldview, disability, age and sexual preference. We promote an atmosphere of respect and mutual trust.

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