Inheritance law

A consultation in the field of inheritance law requires special attention.


The creation of a disposition of property upon death is a very personal and often also emotional decision for the person in question. All of the legal issues regarding succession, bequests, a complaint by a person considered for an inheritance or a legacy with conditions and requirements, a disinheritance all the way to a deprivation of a compulsory portion, can be discussed in a confidential consultation with our notaries. According to our clients’ expectations about the distribution of their inheritance, we draft and notarize the suitable form or disposition of property upon death (individual will, joint will or contract of inheritance). The family members who are legal heirs can make agreements governing the succession, such as a renunciation of inheritance and/or waiver of compulsory portions and gifts of anticipated inheritance, even during the bequeather’s lifetime.

For matters of inheritance that intersect with corporate law, our notaries provide special advisory services for arranging company succession and its testamentary execution. They are also responsible for notarizing affidavits in connection with requests for issuing of inheritance certificates, European certificates of succession and certificates of executorship. In light of the European Succession Regulation, special attention must be paid to the applicable inheritance laws in European and non-European countries. A move to another country may result in a foreign country applying inheritance law, which should generally be prevented. Our notaries also offer counsel in the field of international inheritance law.

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