Providing advice and guidance for corporate transactions is part of our core competency.



This concerns the conceptualization of the transaction as well as performing due diligence. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to find customized, creative solutions for the individual challenges associated with the respective transaction.

We draft and purposefully negotiate all contracts and other transaction-relevant agreements. The other legal aspects that are frequently associated with such documents, especially those concerning antitrust law and labor law, are processed, checked and supported by our team across all fields of law. Naturally, this also applies to the decisive phase between signing and closing.

Once a transaction has been formally completed, we provide guidance and advice during the important post-merger phase. We monitor the resolution of contractually agreed purchase price retention as well as the implementation of other post-merger measures and make the corresponding recommendations regarding approvals. We also organize and assist with restructuring and integration measures related to labor law associated with the transaction.

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